My name is LaWanda.

I am a wife, mother, pet lover, author, videographer, media artist, and haphazard girl.

I am a lover of folklore, adventure, imagination, and life.
In 2017 I underwent the deepest cranial surgery a person could have.
The recovery from the surgery along with its symptoms nearly drove me mad.
I was diagnosed with postoperative PTSD and struggled to find my way back to living.
During my recovery process, I started keeping notes and diaries of what I was going through.
Then, I decided to publish it all as a book for others.
Writing the book was not just a way of getting my story out, but it was also my therapy.
It was an ejection of bad feelings.
Every day, I woke up, and I felt like I was swinging a sack of bricks over my shoulder.
I had to get some relief. So brick by brick, I found my therapy...
 I started writing and dabbling in my long lost love for art.
I started to feel the weight lifting and soon my first book, Reduced To Madness, was born.
It made top 100 best sellers in neurosurgery in it's first month.
After my first book was published, I found that writing just flowed from my soul.
I enjoyed it so much that I decided to keep going. With every word that I got out and every tear that escaped, I healed.
Going through the pain and madness of brain surgery surfaced a lot of old pain, loss and suffering,
but it also surfaced some old love... art. I started slathering frustrations with art.
In a way, this has all made me who I am today.
A new person.
A girl who just wants to be happy, appreciate life, and drink her coffee.
Give me a warm blanket, my dogs, and my laptop
and all my feelings, desires, and imagination start creating art & books.
I hope you enjoy my works.
My art is mostly enhanced photography, mixed media, and splatters of needed therapy.
I create my own book covers, artwork, and details.
I  have many stories in the stirring pot that are soon to be on bookshelves!
So, Please stay in touch!! And feel free to contact me.


copyright lawanda m beyer all rights reserved